Mark Easton

Consulting Engineer

  • Consumer product design including wireless protocols LTE, WiFi.

  • Design of various medical devices, in body and out of body.

  • Management of technical personnel & product design. 

  • RF & Microwave circuits, subsystems, receivers, transmitters.

  • Antenna design for conforming, planar and phased array antennas.

  • Design of hardware using components ARM, FPGA, LCD, RF and DC regulators. 

  • Printed Circuit Board design using ceramics, Rogers material, and FR4 substrates. 

  • Provide mechanical engineering support via private third party. 

  • Design Tools: LT Spice, OrCad, 3D em by CST, 2D em by Sonnet, MWO. 

  • Proficient with conducting technical design reviews & customer reviews. 

Downloadable Papers

A Mathematical Theory of Communication (pdf)


Theoretical Limitations on the Broadband Matching of Arbitrary Impedances (pdf)


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Lantern Medical

Mark Easton

Consulting Engineer